Aquatic Post-Harvest (Course Details)

The Department of AQPH is headed by a Department Head with 3 faculty members. The department offers major courses in fish biochemistry, fish processing technology and quality assurance, packaging and marketing.

The emphasis of this department is:

  • To harness the skills of the students in fish processing technologies
  • To develop the skills of students in innovating new knowledge that will improve the post harvest utilization of fish and
  • To train the students in the application of post-harvest practices that are compliant to standards for food safety and quality
  • Course Description

    AQPH 3305 - Post-Harvest Fisheries

    Principles, methods and development in the processing of fishery products with emphasis on curing and thermal processing

    AQPH 3310 - Fishery Product, Safety and Quality

    Methods for quality assessment, packaging and marketing of fish and fishery products


    AQPH 3315 - Post-harvest Handling and Low Temperature Preservation

    Principles and techniques of handling and refrigeration of processing fish and other fishery products

    AQPH 3320 - Fish Processing Plant Management

    Principles of plant sanitation and personal hygiene; good manufacturing practice

    AAQPH 3325 - Fishery Product Analysis

    Understanding the assessment and evaluation of fishery product through methodologies scope for analysis

    AQPH 3330 - Minor Fishery Products and By-Product Processing

    Understanding the process of formulation and development of minor fishery products and by-product processing

    AQPH 3335 - Product Development and Value Addition

    Techniques and methods of product development and value addition and the various consideration to attain desirable product outcome

    AQPH 3340 - Chemical Evaluation of Water and Aquatic Products

    Understanding water composition, water chemistry, the various processes involve and the interaction among water parameters

    AQPH 3345 - Food Engineering Applications in Fisheries

    Concepts and mechanisms in food engineering of fisheries products

    AQPH 3350 - Fisheries Trade and Marketing

    Principles and objectives of trade and marketing movement of fisheries in the Philippines and the structure, functions, status and problems of fisheries co-operatives management in relation to resources, production and marketing

    AQPH 3355 - Special Topic in Aquatic Post-harvest

    Related topic under Post-harvest as a fundamental information for the conduct of research of thesis students

    Department Faculty Members

    Alvin T. Reyes

    Department Head/Associate Professor V

    Janet O. Saturno

    Professor III

    Rea Mae C. Templonuevo

    Assistant Professor II

    Lara Millen S. Pengson

    Instructor I

    Aries Paul D. Padron

    Instructor I