Aquatic Resources, Ecology and Management (Course Details)

The Department of AREM is headed by a Department Head with 4 faculty members. The department offers major subjects in capture fisheries, ichthyology, aquatic biology, aquatic ecology, fish entrepreneurship and management, fisheries research design, oceanography, meteorology, fisheries biology and fisheries extension.

The emphasis of the department are:

  • To teach the students in the management and protection of aquatic ecosystems and resources;
  • To train students to utilize wisely the fisheries resources using appropriate innovative fisheries technologies and fishing methods
  • The students to acquire advances in specific and multi-disciplinary training geared towards academic training and research
  • Course Description

    AREM 2200 - Capture Fisheries

    The principles and fundamentals of commercial fisheries and its fish biology and ecology, with emphasis on fisheries, management and conservation to include pertinent fishery laws and Fisheries Administrative Orders (FAOs). General survey of Philippine fishing grounds including the status of fisheries resources and their utilization

    AREM 2205 - Ichthyology

    Biology, classification and life histories of commercially important fishes

    AREM 3215 - Aquatic Ecology and Resources

    Basic ecological principles in freshwater, estuarine and marine environments. Physico-chemical and biological characteristics of the three environments governing the association, distribution and adaptation of aquatic organisms. Knowledge of techniques in water quality sampling and analysis

    AREM 4220 - Fisheries Entrepreneurship

    Principles and practices of managing fisheries and aquaculture enterprises including case and feasibility studies, and introduction to fisheries cooperative principles and practices

    AREM 3225 - Research Design and Methodologies

    Statistical designs, approaches, data analysis and case examples of researches in fisheries

    AREM 3230 - Oceanography

    Geological, physical, chemical and biological properties of ocean waters to include pertinent fishery and environmental laws

    AREM 2235 - Fisheries Meteorology

    Elements of weather–forecasting and techniques as applied to fisheries investigation

    AREM 4245 - Fisheries Extension

    Philosophy, organization, programming, methods of extension

    AREM 4255 - Coastal Resource Management

    Concepts and role of coastal resource management to fisheries industry

    AREM 3265 - Fisheries Laws, Policies and Institutions

    Laws, regulations, policies and orders affecting fisheries

    AREM 4270 - Project Development and Management

    Conceptualizing and creating a fisheries project plan considering the management it scopes


    AREM 2210 - Aquatic Invertebrates

    General biology, taxonomy and distribution of non-fish aquatic resources including their ecological and medical importance and as source of food. General knowledge of threatened and endangered aquatic species in CITES

    AREM 2240 - Fish Stock Assessment

    Concepts and models of fish stock assessment

    AREM 2250 - Navigation and Seamanship

    Principles and basic understandings in navigation and seamanship

    AREM 2260 - GIS and Remote Sensing for Fisheries

    Information and significance of GIS and remote sensing in fisheries

    AREM 2275 - Fisheries Economics

    Concepts, theories and principles of economics in fisheries

    AREM 2280 - Phycology

    Understanding the life cycle, living mechanisms, structure and life functions of algae

    AREM 2285 - Fishing Systems

    Knowledge on the different fishing activities as well as the various precautionary and safety work measures

    AREM 2290 - Philippine Fishing Ground

    Information in Philippine fishing grounds and landing sites as well as the present species obtained from various landing centers

    AREM AREM 2295 - Marine Machineries

    Understanding the basic information on marine engineering, marine system and marine machinery

    AREM 2300 - Special Topic in Aquatic Resources, Ecology and Management

    Related topic under Aquatic Resources, Ecology and Management as a fundamental information for the conduct of research of thesis students

    Department Faculty Members

    Hazel Monica M. Peralta

    Department Head/Associate Professor I

    Lorenz J. Fajardo

    College Dean/Associate Professor V

    Jaypee S. Samson

    Instructor III

    Cherry Ann G. Kindipan

    Instructor I