On August 17, 2023, the College of Fisheries (CF) hosted a special event, extending a warm welcome to nine newly selected scholars of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Region 3. The event's agenda include scholarship contract signing, as well as an informative orientation program.

The formal signing ceremony took place within the confines of the Freshwater Aquaculture Center (FAC) conference room, where Acting Dean Dr. Lorenz J. Fajardo and the Scholarship Coordinator Mr. Aries Paul D. Padron proudly represented the CF. In attendance were the scholars' parents, who shared in the significance of this memorable occasion.

Representing BFAR Region 3 key individuals were Mr. Nicomedes D. Wamil, the Regional Coordinator for the Fisheries Scholarship Program (FSP), Ms. Harlyn R. Purzuelo, the Regional Focal Person for Indigenous Peoples (IPs), and Ms. Jenette R. Cataluña, the Alternate Focal Person for IPs.

Dr. Fajardo set the tone for the event by warmly welcoming the scholars and their parents. Her inspiring address underscored the event's importance in advancing education and promoting sustainable fisheries practices within the region.

The highlight of the orientation program was a lecture delivered by Mr. Wamil, who provided invaluable insights on the FSP administered by BFAR. His lecture shed light on the program's objectives and benefits, and the expectations placed upon the new scholars.

The collaborative efforts between CF and BFAR Region 3 continue to fortify the educational and developmental pursuits of scholars in the fields of fisheries and aquatic sciences. This partnership ensures a bright and promising future for the region's sustainable fisheries industry. The event marked the outset of a journey filled with growth, knowledge, and opportunities for these nine promising scholars.