Aquaculture Course Details

The Department of Aquaculture is headed by a Department Head with 3 faculty members. The department offers 7 major courses on aquaculture, aquaculture engineering, fish genetics, nutrition, aquatic animal health and fish breeding.

The emphasis of the department are:

  • To train students to utilize appropriate knowledge and competencies in aquaculture, research and management
  • To mentor students with developed research culture and improved capabilities to undertake scholarly work in aquaculture and fisheries
  • To produce globally competitive graduates in the areas of sustainable aquaculture
  • Course Description

    AQUA 2100 - Aquaculture

    Principles, methods and developments in the cultivation of commercially important aquatic organisms in fresh, brackish and marine waters to include pertinent fishery and environmental laws and Fisheries Administrative Orders (FAOs); application of farming systems of selected species, project and case studies; and aquaculture planning and development

    AQUA 3105 - Aquaculture Engineering

    A course designed to orient the students on the proper design of freshwater and brackish water pond farm and other aquaculture facilities. It focuses on the site selection, design, and construction of fishponds and related facilities. It tackles the principles involved in elementary surveying and in the design construction of pond farm and other aquaculture facilities

    AQUA 3110 - Fish Genetics and Breeding

    Theories and principles of genetics and its application to fisheries

    AQUA 3115 - Physiology of Aquatic Organisms

    Study of the normal mechanical, physical, and biochemical processes or functions of fish and aquatic organisms or any of its parts

    AQUA 3120 - Fish Nutrition

    Principles of nutrition, nutrient requirements, feed formulation and preparation, and feeding management applied to finfishes and crustaceans

    AQUA 3125 - Fish Health Management

    Identification of organisms and other factors causing diseases in commercially important finfishes and invertebrates; principles and measures of prevention and control

    AQUA 4130 - Fish Hatchery Management

    Fundamentals and techniques of fish breeding and propagation, hatchery and nursery operations of commercially important finfishes and invertebrates

    AQUA 4140 - Fisheries Management

    Principles and methods of fisheries management


    AQUA 1135 - Fisheries Biotechnology

    Basic concepts, techniques and understandings in fisheries biotechnology

    AQUA 1145 - Ornamental Fish Culture

    Background information on the methodologies, techniques and process on the culture of various ornamental fishes

    AQUA 1150 - Special Topic in Aquaculture

    Related topic under Aquaculture as a fundamental information for the conduct of research of thesis students


    FISH 4398 - Seminar

    Presentation of researches and related undertakings in the field of fisheries

    FISH 3399 - Apprenticeship

    Application of theories and principles of fisheries through actual exposure and field practice

    FISH 4400 - Special Problem / Thesis

    Thesis proposal presentation, conduct and final presentation

    Department Faculty Members

    Emmanuel M. Vera Cruz

    Department Head/University Professor

    Ravelina R. Velasco

    Vice President for Academic Affairs/Associate Professor V

    Karl Marx A. Quiazon

    Professor VI

    Tereso A. Abella

    Professor Emeritus

    Jemuel S. Doctolero

    Assistant Professor II

    Junard A. Catabay

    Assistant Professor I